Mackenzie Israel-Trummel

I am an Assistant Professor in the Government Department and an affiliate faculty member of the Program in Public Policy at William & Mary. Previously, I was an Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department and an affiliate faculty member of the Women's and Gender Studies Department and the Latinx Studies Program at the University of Oklahoma. While at OU I co-founded the Community Engagement + Experiments Lab. I earned my PhD in Political Science from Stanford University. 

My research interests are primarily in the field of American political behavior and include the politics of identity and the carceral state. My work has been supported by the Laboratory for the Study of American Values, the Paul G. Risser Innovative Teaching Fellowship, the Social Science Research Council, the Charles Center Faculty-Mentored Research Incubator Award, and the Provost's Summer Research Award at William & Mary. My research has been published in outlets including The Journal of Politics, Perspectives on Politics, ​Political Behavior, Public Opinion Quarterly, Politics, Groups, and Identities, and the Journal of Experimental Political Science. You can see some of my research featured at the Monkey Cage on the Washington Post and at Items from the Social Science Research Council

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Government Department

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P.O. Box 8795

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Mondays, 1-3pm